the morainic amphiteatre and the via francigena in ivrea

La Via Francigena

To discover the territory of the Morainic Amphitheatre, sport
in the nature, history and art. In the footsteps of Sigerico.

Ivrea is located 50 km from Turin, in the north of the Canavese, against the backdrop of the magnificent scenery of the Alps The urban area is surrounded by the hills of a Morainic Amphitheater, considered the most significant glacial amphitheater of Europe, the result of the painstaking work of the immense glacier Balteo, that for almost a million years has profoundly shaped and molded this area. Today the area has significant natural and geological interest, ideal for walking, cycling, horse riding. The best period is from March to October, but is still viable and enjoyable all year round.

Ivrea is also an official leg of the Via Francigena, a route that belongs to history, a major route in the past by thousands of pilgrims traveling to Rome. It was Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury, on his way to Rome to visit the Pope John XV, to mark the beginning of the path, known as the Via Francigena, leading to the birth of one of the most important routes of passage to Europe.

Travel program - A weekend of relaxation along the Via Francigena

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The morainic horse ride
The morainic horse ride
For all the lovers of horse riding in the
nature, a wonderful 4 days trip along
the "Alta Via" of the Morainic
Amphitheatre in Ivrea, on foot or horse
ride excursions, on the top of the hill.
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