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about us

Anfiteatro Viaggi was established in 2008 and is dedicated to providing quality
services for tourism and business travel. We are part of Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze Network.

The agency is managed by Laura Lamborghini, owner.

We work with the most important tour operators and choose for each destination
the best correspondents. We propose our client trip
tailored to their interests and budget.

Anfiteatro Viaggi also provides services in
business travel: we offer flight tickets, transfer,
visa, hotel bookings, rent a car, parkings, travel
insurance, events management.

The agency's name is a tribute to the Ivrea Morainic
. With our work we want to contribute
to safeguarding and promoting the territory of Ivrea
and the tourism in this area.
We have incoming proposal dedicated to the Carnival
of Ivrea
, la Via Francigena, trekking and skiing
in Valle d'Aosta and visits to Turin.

[email protected]   Tel. +39 348 7300488